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O'Reilly supports secure web server standards

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Date: Mon, 9 Sep 1996 18:47:29 -0700
From: Ellen Elias <[email protected]>
Subject: WebSite Professional Adds Digital Signature Technology

For Release September 10, 1996		
Ellen Elias
(707)829-0515 ext. 322
[email protected]


Sebastopol, CA--O'Reilly & Associates announced today that its WebSite
Professional(TM) product will support Terisa Systems SecureWeb
Documents(TM) (SWD) client. Terisa's software is provided as a browser
plug-in that works with WebSite Professional's enhanced server security

Terisa Systems SecureWeb Documents client, a pioneering technology that
enables Netscape browser users to send and receive verifiable Internet
documents, is currently in beta and due to ship Q496. These documents
are managed and stored on an enhanced security server such as WebSite
Professional. SWD, which plugs into the Netscape browser, is based on
the Secure HTTP (S-HTTP) cryptographic protocol standard, developed by
Terisa Systems. WebSite Professional's built-in S-HTTP support on the
server side works hand-in-glove with the SWD tool on the browser side.
Together, they enable a Web administrator to provide Web documents
which are safer than paper: readable only by specified users, from the
right source, and exactly as provided. SecureWeb Documents enables a
Web administrator to determine the exact visitors to a given site, with
the visitors' permission.

WebSite Professional is the first and only server currently supporting
Terisa's standards-based digital signature technology for the World
Wide Web. It is also one of the only leading servers to have built-in
S-HTTP security. In contrast with SSL, which establishes security at
the connection level, S-HTTP establishes security at the document
level. S-HTTP provides a range of security options for documents, from
digital signatures, as in SWD, to encryption.  

"SecureWeb Document and WebSite Professional together make electronic
commerce, as well as general document serving, much more secure for Web
server users and their site visitors," says Gina Blaber, Director of
Software Products at O'Reilly. "Our long history with Terisa Systems
underscores our mutual commitment to pushing the Web's capabilities
forward. SWD and WebSite Professional are among the very few Web
products that support S-HTTP, an important technology which greatly
increases security standards on the Web." 

In July, 1996, the Forrester report on Web Security stated: "In the
on-line world there is no sure way to know who is on the other end of
the network. In the physical world, consumers use identification cards
to prove their identity.  There are two critical pieces of technology
that solve this problem in the on-line world: 1) Digital Certificates
and 2) Digital Signatures." WebSite Professional and Terisa's SWD
combine to offer this critical technology in an affordable, useable
package on the Windows platform. 

About WebSite Professional
WebSite Professional, the second generation of the award-winning server
software WebSite, runs on Windows NT and 95. Its ease of use,
documentation, and features have been widely praised. In addition to
cryptographic security, WebSite Pro includes support for a wide range
of programming applications, Open Data Base Connectivity (ODBC)/SQL
integration through Cold Fusion Standard, a server-side Java
programming environment, three comprehensive books, and four software
development kits.  

WebSite Professional also includes all the features of its predecessor
WebSite 1.1, including the HotDog Standard HTML editor, WebView
graphical document and link viewer, and the Mosaic browser. Both are
products of O'Reilly & Associates, developed in cooperation with
independent developer Robert Denny and Enterprise Integration
Technologies (EIT), Inc./Verifone.

WebSite Professional's list price is $499, with upgrade pricing for
WebSite 1.1 customers available from O'Reilly for $99.  O'Reilly
Software Online (http://software.ora.com/) contains more information
about WebSite Professional, as well as O'Reilly's other software

About O'Reilly & Associates 
O'Reilly & Associates is recognized worldwide for its definitive books
on the Internet and UNIX, and for its development of online content and
software. O'Reilly developed the Global Network Navigator (GNN), a
pioneering web-based publication which it sold to America Online in
June, 1995. In addition to WebSite Professional and WebSite, the
company's other software products include WebBoard, a web-based
multi-threaded conferencing system, PolyForm, a web forms construction
kit, and Statisphere, a web traffic analyzer (to be released this

About Terisa Systems 
Terisa Systems, Inc., based in Los Altos, Calif., was formed in 1995 to
provide unified communications security solutions for the WWW. In early
1995, leading industry players such as America Online, CompuServe,
IBM/Prodigy, Netscape, RSA and VeriFone/EIT forged a common commitment
to WWW security by agreeing to pool both investment and technology in
Terisa Systems. Terisa Systems' mission is to create tools and
applications technologies that make secure Internet commerce possible.
Terisa Systems' customers and partners are WWW-based application
developers and vendors of commercial online services such as AOL,
CompuServe/SPRY, Novell, OpenMarket, O'Reilly & Associates, and Process
Software. The company is privately held. For more information on Terisa
Systems, visit http://www.terisa.com.  

WebSite Professional, WebSite, WebBoard, PolyForm, and Statisphere are
trademarks of O'Reilly & Associates, Inc.  All other names are
registered trademarks or trademarks of their respective companies.  


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