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Re: China joins Singapore, Germany, ....

I respectfully disagree. I spend most of my time going through sites like
cnn.com, hotwired.com, news.com, altavista.digital.com, yahoo.com,
lycos.com, hotbot.com, eff.org, well.com, mit.edu, whitehouse.gov, and so
on. Search engines and directories, in particular, are good chokepoints to

Blocking 100 sites would certainly be significant to me -- as long as
they're the right ones. Before the technical fixes, that is.


Duncan writes:

>You must admit
>that a ban on 100 sites out of all the sites in the world is pretty
>insignificant.  The swamping effects of thousands and soon millions of sites
>means the governments of the world won't even be able to evaluate a
>significant percentage even if they want to.  And all this *before* we apply
>any of our technical fixes.