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[Fwd: Nonsense, absolute nonsense... [Fwd: HipCrime and Spam]]

Does this maillist filter out messages from NON-subscribers?

At 01:52 PM 9/11/96 -0700, you wrote:
This is an absurd and inaccurate analogy. The mailBot simply pushes
*mailto:* tags that people have willingly placed on their public websites.
They invite the mail so a more accurate analogy would be that City Hall puts
up a public suggestion box and invites comments. The bot then puts one, and
only one, unsigned anonymous suggestion into the box. It then goes on to the
Art Gallery where they too have put up a public suggestion box, and the bot
places one, and only one, anonymous suggestion in that box also...and it
moves on to the next publicly accessable suggestion box that it finds, each
time putting in one, and only one, message.

Can the College-aged mind these days not develop a rational, concise,
accurate and logical analogy that stays on point?

Think about it... or take down the public suggestion boxes if one doesn't
like what one finds inside. If you invite feedback...it will come.


There is
>HipCrime <[email protected]> wrote:
>> Be honest, all you really care about is something which
>> "threatens the existence" your little baby.
>I think you were referring to yourself, Robert.  :)
>Since you don't seem to understand the concept of spam very well yet,
>try this little experiment:
>Go downtown to City Hall and post advertisements for your website on
>all the walls and doors.  Be sure to put one on the Mayor's office and
>all the members of the City Council.  If they complain, explain to them
>why they are weak-minded souls who can't remove unwanted messages.
>Go to the local art gallery and post your signs all over.  Tell people
>that since your web site is an "art project", that you are posting EXACTLY
>on topic, to an "appropriate group".  Ask, "So, what's your problem ?!?"
>Pass out survey forms.  Ask people where they want to see advertisements.
>Go to these sites and spray-paint your http address.  If people complain
>that you are "harassing" them, ask them why a whopping eighteen letters
>written on the wall is harassment.  Tell them it's not *your* fault,
>that you're just doing what other people told you to.  Explain how many
>trees you are saving by using spray-paint instead of paper.
>When the police handcuff you and take you away, complain that they are
>censoring you.  Tell the judge that you want to sue the cops for violating
>your civil rights.  While you're in jail, think about why what you did
>was wrong.
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