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[Fwd: Nonsense, absolute nonsense... [Fwd: HipCrime and Spam]]

Security is mostly a superstition. It does not exist in nature, 
nor do the children of men as a whole experience it.  Avoiding 
danger is no safer in the long run than outright exposure. 
Life is either a daring adventure, or nothing. -- Hellen Keller

>This is an absurd and inaccurate analogy. The mailBot simply pushes
>*mailto:* tags that people have willingly placed on their public websites.
>They invite the mail so a more accurate analogy would be that City Hall puts
>up a public suggestion box and invites comments. The bot then puts one, and
>only one, unsigned anonymous suggestion into the box. It then goes on to the
>Art Gallery where they too have put up a public suggestion box, and the bot
>places one, and only one, anonymous suggestion in that box also...and it
>moves on to the next publicly accessable suggestion box that it finds, each
>time putting in one, and only one, message.
>Can the College-aged mind these days not develop a rational, concise,
>accurate and logical analogy that stays on point?
>Think about it... or take down the public suggestion boxes if one doesn't
>like what one finds inside. If you invite feedback...it will come.
>There is
>>HipCrime <[email protected]> wrote:
>>> Be honest, all you really care about is something which
>>> "threatens the existence" your little baby.
>>I think you were referring to yourself, Robert.  :)
>>Since you don't seem to understand the concept of spam very well yet,
>>try this little experiment:
>>Go downtown to City Hall and post advertisements for your website on
>>all the walls and doors.  Be sure to put one on the Mayor's office and
>>all the members of the City Council.  If they complain, explain to them
>>why they are weak-minded souls who can't remove unwanted messages.
>>Go to the local art gallery and post your signs all over.  Tell people
>>that since your web site is an "art project", that you are posting EXACTLY
>>on topic, to an "appropriate group".  Ask, "So, what's your problem ?!?"
>>Pass out survey forms.  Ask people where they want to see advertisements.
>>Go to these sites and spray-paint your http address.  If people complain
>>that you are "harassing" them, ask them why a whopping eighteen letters
>>written on the wall is harassment.  Tell them it's not *your* fault,
>>that you're just doing what other people told you to.  Explain how many
>>trees you are saving by using spray-paint instead of paper.
>>When the police handcuff you and take you away, complain that they are
>>censoring you.  Tell the judge that you want to sue the cops for violating
>>your civil rights.  While you're in jail, think about why what you did
>>was wrong.
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