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Re: Nonsense, absolute nonsense... [Fwd: HipCrime and Spam]


I must agree that having a website invites unsolicited  e-mail, if 
only to comment that people have seen the site.  I send unsolicited 
e-mail to website owners as part of my marketing plan.

On Or About: 11 Sep 96 at 21:34, Andy Dustman wrote:

> You're sending out messages, inviting people to visit your web site, but
> you're using anonymous remailers because... you don't want people to know
> who you are? Then why invite them to your site (or even have a site)?

That's what makes it smell fishy.  When I send  unsolicited  e-mail I 
give up the whole deal: phone number and all.  If someone complains, 
I make great effort to never contact that person again.  Either you 
want people to know who you are or you don't. 

> Which is precisely what you're doing: Sending someone e-mail
> costs them time and it often costs them money.

As I said having a website invites comments.  It's like being a 
public figure.  In effect you are publishing your e-mail address.

> 4) It's giving us a bad
> rap, man, and that's the *last* thing the remailer net needs now.
> The remailers of the world don't exist
> to provide non-anonymous anonymous advertising, which you could do just as
> well on your own sending forged e-mail headers from netcom.

Just like all the seedy low life multi-level-marketing jerks!  No 
need to use a remailer for that.

Just 2 cents worth.


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