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Re: Nonsense, absolute nonsense... [Fwd: HipCrime and Spam]


On Wed, 11 Sep 1996, Admin wrote:

> >This is an absurd and inaccurate analogy. The mailBot simply pushes
> >*mailto:* tags that people have willingly placed on their public websites.
> >They invite the mail so a more accurate analogy would be that City Hall puts
> >up a public suggestion box and invites comments. The bot then puts one, and
> >only one, unsigned anonymous suggestion into the box. It then goes on to the

You're sending out messages, inviting people to visit your web site, but
you're using anonymous remailers because... you don't want people to know
who you are? Then why invite them to your site (or even have a site)? It's
like if I sent out postcards to people with no return address saying,
"Please stop by 1313 Mockingbird Lane for snacks and refreshments. Signed,
A Friend". (Note, this is not my real address.) Only in this case the
postcards don't have any stamps so the people who receive them have to pay
the postage. Which is precisely what you're doing: Sending someone e-mail
costs them time and it often costs them money. Sending it through an
anonymous remailer accomplishes four things: 1) People can't complain to
you to stop sending them mail. 2) It costs us, the International Secret
Cabal of Anonymous Remailer Operators, time and money for no good reason,
because you are sending anonymous mail and not making yourself anonymous.
3) You're pissing off a bunch of people, and the only ones they can take
their frustrations out on or complain to is us. 4) It's giving us a bad
rap, man, and that's the *last* thing the remailer net needs now.

I could care less about your little applet, or what you have to say; in
the words of Thomas Jefferson, "it neither breaks my leg nor picks my
pocket." Until, that is, you start sending it through my remailer, and
*then* you start picking my pocket. The remailers of the world don't exist
to provide non-anonymous anonymous advertising, which you could do just as
well on your own sending forged e-mail headers from netcom.

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