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Re: Child porn as thoughtcrime

Well Andrew, pornography is meant to lead to arousal, which can lead to
aggression, which may lead to abuse.  It's a fairly common path according to
what I've read on deviancy.  Following is one association's opinion, but
don't stop there, read for yourself what some of the deviants themselves
have to say: 


An excerpt from the American Pyschiatric Association 


At 01:59 PM 9/11/96 -0500, you wrote:
>>  The argument is not dependent upon whether or not actual
>>  children are used, any more than whether or not an actual gun
>>  is used in a robbery - the net effect is the same.  Children
>>  are harmed by the promotion of child porn because it leads to
>>  the abuse/exploitation of kids.
>I don't believe you.  Prove that drawings of children having sex leads to  
>the abuse/explaitation of kids.  Provide some evidence...

Chuck Thompson