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Did someone from juno.com say "hacking"?

Attention wannabe hackers from juno.com:
Wanna lose your juno account fast?
call 1-800-575-4516 with a modem
log in as junox13, password wiujuywe
type ? for the list of commands...
One interesting command that works is
telnet x13.boston.juno.com 1793 /stream
Another interesting number is 1-800-328-2427.
They also have a load of local numbers.
One call also call their tech support (voice) at 1-800-586-6889
One can e-mail Charles Ardai at [email protected]
and ask him to be added to the kiddie porn mailing list.
The possibilities are endless.
But hurry! The holes may be closed soon.


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Brighton Beach Boardwalk BBS, Forest Hills, N.Y.: +1-718-261-2013, 14.4Kbps