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Bay Area Cypherpunks Meeting Saturday 9/14, 12-6PDT, Stanford

The monthly Bay Area Cypherpunks Meeting will be held
Saturday, September 14th, at the picnic tables outside Tressider Hall
at Stanford University.  Lunch and general hanging out begin at 12:00, 
Program begins at 1:00.  The coffee shop at Tressider will be open,
though the main cafeteria won't be.  

Some items on the agenda include
        John Gilmore's SWAN project, Encrypting 5% of the net by Christmas
        Highlights of Crypto '96 meeting in Santa Barbara
        Bagels and bagel paraphrenalia
        The remailer crisis - anon.penet.fi, creative new spammer attacks
        Censorship Firewalls for SG, CN, DE, etc. - designing workarounds
        The Bernstein Lawsuit - court date is Friday Sept. 20
        Bring show&tell items.

You can find a map of the Stanford campus on the web at
To confuse Stanford alumni, the map has been realigned with the
North end up, so visitors can use it.  From Campus Drive East,
turn North on Mayfield Ave, turn right on Lagunita Dr, and park in the lot.
Walk north to Tressider, and the tables are on the west=left side.
Look for the crowd of drug smugglers, money launderers, and Suspicious Persons.

#			Thanks;  Bill
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