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10 minute delay considered inconsequential

At 4:15 AM 9/12/96, Adamsc wrote:

>I've always wondered if the makers of mailer software couldn't include a delay
>option, so that, say, a message might be held for 10 minutes and then sent.
>Imagine how many of the "Sorry about x; I meant y" posts we'd never see.

I expect there would be little effect. I suspect most of us write articles,
send them out, and only notice the mistakes, typos, whatever when they are
pointed out.

(Very few people reread their posts prior to seeing them on the list an
hour or two later, is my strong hunch. A delay of 10 minutes would not
inspire many to read and reread their posts...most likely they'd just move
on to other articles, other posts, and the 10 minute delay would be utterly

--Tim May

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