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RE: robert and hipcirme web sight

>It's obvious that this guy's true passion is fractals and raytracing.  
>He threw in some bomb-making stuff, but he scanned it out of a book and
>probably never tried it.  Compared to the rest of the site, it looks like
>an afterthought.  Someone who was really interested in chemistry would
>have taken the time to retype the info and add their own comments.  He
>had a reason to have some "anarchist" info on there but he's not really
>interested in it.  So basically this guy is a mathematician/artist trying
>to pretend he's an anarchist.

If his true passion is fractals and raytracing, then why would he expend
things other than fractals and raytracing.  He may be an anarchict but wish
to invest his time 
in fractals and raytracing rather than in explaining anarchy.

>Same goes for the remailers.  He claims he likes remailers and anonymity,
>but he's lying.  Anyone who really liked remailers/anonymity/privacy would
>have pages and pages about how to use remailers, and why privacy is a good
>thing.  He has a reason he needs to be anonymous, but it's not because
>he supports privacy.  He publishes a PGP key, because he wants to pretend
>he's an anarchist, and Louis Freeh told him that all evil terrorist
>organizations use PGP.  But he doesn't like PGP, he doesn't advocate PGP,
>and he doesn't tell you where to get PGP.

If his true passion were re-mailers and anonymity then he would spend pages
and pages writing about them rather than just admitting to supporting them.