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Bubba Bottoming out on Cocaine Paranoia?

        another paranoid fantasy and impending preemptive strike 
    by Bubba, or by the NWO?

        BTW, I really do not care how the NWO is defined --big 
    government serving its own interests works just as well, so 
    forget flaming me on the NWO.  please do keep in mind, however,
    that the CFR has a undue amount of influence in Washington and
    the CFR is the bastion of established wealth.

        this is a blatant statement that our government ("of and 
    for the people") has every intention of fully controlling the 
    content of * everything * we see. The five media conglomes 
    already toe the line in the interests of the NWO.  

        What the NWO failed to consider in their plans was the 
    explosion of the net, and * free * information --the inability 
    of the ruling order to control the news, and stifle mass 
    market criticism before it becomes a topic of general 

        Bubba's mouthpiece uttered the classic incompetent 
    government under attack mentality response to the problem: 
    "...hey, joe criminal uses sophisticated computer encryption 
    to plot his crimes.  why must we be subject to criminals?  
    let's ban all communication [we can not control]...."

        the suggestion that if commerce was permitted secure 
    cryptography, secure servers, and able to develop its own 
    safety net, the incentive would then not be worth the cost of
    the mob cracking the codes (they would be reduced back
    to the usual reliance on an inside job which, will be harder 
    and harder with better security)

        No, but that solution does not serve the purpose of statist 
    governments controlling * everything * 

        personally, I am even more pessimistic than that: 

        America is being destroyed by the actions of our leaders 
    and their puppet-meisters: 

        1.  the rewriting of educational textbooks by grant 
            dependent university professors.

        2.  the rewrite of history to reflect not only the 
            politically correct views, but to reflect history as 
            the elite wish to see it --even to the point of 
            rewriting quotations of Thomas Jefferson to suit their

        3.  the destruction of the means of investment by 
            permitting an "unregulated" economy built on the 
            greed of a elitist "core" of stock brokers who block 
            consumer actions until their own manipulations have set 
            the pace for their own gains.

        4.  the destruction a solvent government by the debt-based 
            economy of the Federal Reserve Bank which is not even
            owned by the central government.

        5.  the destruction of the educational system by reverting
            to education by the lowest common denominator. how can 
            young adults who graduate from high school with an 
            education which leaves them functionally literate 
            enough to take a driver's license and mathematically 
            skill only well enough to balance a check book be 
            consider "educated, well-informed" citizens?

        6.  the destruction of any work-incentive by the 
            establishment of a welfare society.  the message today 
            is that it is "socially acceptable" to accept the dole; in

            fact, it is preferable to demeaning oneself with 
            entry-level work.

        Is it any wonder why the U.S. has dropped below #20 in the 
    educational sweepsteaks of "Western" culture.

        The result is a population base which is Joe-Six-Pack * at 
    best, *  functional to the point of being able to turn on a TV 
    for 18 hours a day --the average viewing time of the American 
    public is now 7.2 hours * per day, * according to one recent

        Another reports states that the average 6 year old today 
    has seen >2,000 murders...   is there any question why there 
    is no value on life?

        bubba is acting with "fear" as his motto.  Dole wants to 
    literately wipe out drugs, even to the point of putting a 
    soldier on every street corner.

        are we down to this? 

            1935 will go down in history! 

            For the first time a civilized nation has full gun
            Our streets will be safer, our police more efficient, and
            world will follow our lead in the future! 

                --Adolf Hitler

      46. The U.S. government declares a ban on the possession, 
      sale, transportation, and transfer of all non-sporting 
      firearms.   ...Consider the following statement:
            I would fire upon U.S. citizens who refuse or resist 
            confiscation of firearms banned by the U.S. government. 
                --The USMC 29 Palms Combat Arms Survey 

        The survey was given to virtually all special combat units 
    of the Marine Corps (including my son), USArmy special units, 
    Navy Seals, &c.  depending on which survey, there were 42 
    to 54 questions; the government told the men that the major 
    giving the "quiz" was doing a master's paper, or some such 

        The government's intent is clear, the above is how they 
    intend to enforce it, and either we stop it now, or there will
    be no stopping it.  guns are a part of it since it denies the 
    ability of "We, the people..." to take offensive action against 
    the government with even reasonable _personal_ firepower 
    --never mind the sophistication of the government arsenal.  
    The only thing in the peoples' favour is that guerilla warfare 
    is extremely difficult to deal with.

        Why has it gone this far?  because Joe-Six-Pack will sell 
    all his freedom in return for the promised security.  whose is 
    the Judas goat?  the captive press.

        there is no need to subscribe to conspiracy theories 
    --there are enough facts of the table that conspiracies are 

        but, the statement that a "wired world will 'diminish national

    sovereignty' is absolutely true --governments might just be fully 

one of the few things we all share: 
  the utter, corrosive contempt for our elected officials.

=------- Forwarded Message Follows from Edupage of 10 Sep -------

=A leading Clinton Administration official on information security and
=cryptography matters says that traditional notions of sovereignty,
=national security and warfare will be undermined by the year 2020,
=when the whole world is "wired" and e-cash is the norm.  The result
=will be less powerful governments in relation to criminal
=organizations such as the Mafia and international drug cartels, says
=Michael Nelson, who adds that organized crime members are already
=some of the most sophisticated users of computer systems and strong
=encryption technology.  In addition, computer crackers will pose a
=more significant threat.  In response, Nelson advocates resolving the
=issue of whether unauthorized access of a computer is an "act of
=trespass" or an "act of war," and prosecuting the intrusions
=accordingly. (BNA Daily Report for Executives 6 Sep 96 A14)
= (Courtesy of Edupage)