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Re: What is best policy paper on crypto?

Declan McCullagh wrote:
| I happen to know that an influential Congresspern will be meeting with
| some Cato folks tomorrow morning, so I'm assuming this isn't an idle 
| request. 
| -Declan

	The NAS report, despite a few silly points, does push for
liberalization of the export regime, standardization, a switch to
an 'assume export' stance, states that the debate can be carried out
in public, and that classified information is not needed, and suggests
that crypto can help reduce many threats to Americans.

	It does not suggest abolishing the ITARs, and suggests
consideration of a law criminalizing the criminal use of crypto.

	It is a balanced report, and has NSA, and attorney generals on
it.  Otherwise, I'd go with some of Whit's testimony before Congress.

	(Saw a presentation by Herb Lin yesterday at MIT.)



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