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Re: What is best policy paper on crypto?

Adam Shostack wrote:
> Declan McCullagh wrote:
> | I happen to know that an influential Congresspern will be meeting with
> | some Cato folks tomorrow morning, so I'm assuming this isn't an idle
> | request.

>         The NAS report, despite a few silly points, does push for
> liberalization of the export regime, standardization, a switch to
> an 'assume export' stance, states that the debate can be carried out
> in public, and that classified information is not needed, and suggests
> that crypto can help reduce many threats to Americans.
>         It does not suggest abolishing the ITARs, and suggests
> consideration of a law criminalizing the criminal use of crypto.

I agree that the NAS report is the one to use. Its from an authoratative
source and the conclusions are pretty reasonable. Its perhaps not as far
as some would like to go but if we got there it would be livable. Given
where we are it would make a good first step.

Some good lines from the talk included:

Re Dennings "If you know what I know argument", basically Lin said that
he did know and it made no difference at all to his point of view. Also
13 of the 16 members of the committee got "the briefing" - which is
all Dorothy bless her socks got, and the report was unanimous.

Re who is behind the anti crypto policy, its Freeh at the FBI and not
the NSA. The NSA know crypto and don't really care all that much. Gore
credited as guy who is holding Freeh back.

Seemed a reasonable enough guy, but a number in the audience were upset
that they didn't have someone like Dorothy who we can throw tomatoes at.