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Re: What is best policy paper on crypto?

At 6:07 PM 9/12/96, Hallam-Baker wrote:
>Adam Shostack wrote:
>> Declan McCullagh wrote:
>> | I happen to know that an influential Congresspern will be meeting with
>> | some Cato folks tomorrow morning, so I'm assuming this isn't an idle
>> | request.
[ . . . ]
>>         The NAS report, despite a few silly points, does push for
>> liberalization of the export regime, standardization, a switch to
[ . . . ]
>I agree that the NAS report is the one to use. Its from an authoratative
>source and the conclusions are pretty reasonable. Its perhaps not as far
[ . . . ]

        I'm gonna stick my neck out here and ask a naive question: where
        can I find "the NAS report" mentioned in this thread?  Note that
        I'm new to this list (2 days) so please be kind if this paper is
        extremely well known (it's not known to me but it sounds like
        something I need to read).