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Re: ISODE Consortium X.509 Certification system


        thanks for forwarding this to me.

        It really bothers me whenever I see someone mouthing plattitudes
about certificates, like: 

>The ITU-T, through X.509, recommend strong authentication based on public 
>key cryptosystems as the basis for providing secure services. The ISODE 
>Consortium uses X.509 as the core of its security strategy. 
>X.509 provides a flexible, scaleable and manageable algorithm-independent 
>authentication infrastructure, which can be used as the basis for a wide
>range of security services such as message encryption and access control. 

Fact is, identity certification (which is what X.509 gives) is neither
necessary nor sufficient for providing secure services -- and there's
nothing magic about X.509.

There are marketeers, however, who want the world to believe that the
generation and use of X.509 certs will somehow give you security -- so they
can sell machinery or a service which makes those certs.

 - Carl

P.S.  My USENIX paper giving the case against certification authorities is
on-line now at <ftp://ftp.clark.net/pub/cme/usenix.ps> =

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