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Re: Bubba Bottoming out on Cocaine Paranoia?

In <[email protected][]>, on 09/12/96 
   at 08:16 AM, Chip Mefford <[email protected]> said:

= >        2.   the rewrite of history to reflect not only the 
= >             politically correct views, but to reflect history as 
= >             the elite wish to see it --even to the point of rewriting
= >             quotations of Thomas Jefferson to suit their purpose.
= >
= Can you give a clear example of this??

= Just asking

        the most blatant one was the rewording of Jefferson's words
    for the equality of all men about two years ago.  As we know, 
    Jefferson was all for freedom, and had a "God bless you, you're
    a slave" attitude, but he was clearly not for the equalization. 
    when that one came out of washington, several papers had a 
    hard time with it, but I have seen it since.

        I have been collecting Jefferson quotes for years; frankly, I
    always considered the Dems were off base: Jefferson was the 
    Republican --leaving Hamilton and his Federalists as pawns pawns 
    of the Illuminati as advocates of the independent Federal Bank 
    (the worst of the Rothschilds (Maurice, I think) who made the 
    statements regarding control of the government by control of the 
    money was in his prime around 1800). 

        I am not a dedicated Jeffersonian scholar, but he has been 
    the corner stone of my (now long blown) faith in our government. 
    I would a complete set of Jefferson's works --if, and only, if I
    could find a good edition published over a 100 years ago.

        secondly, Jefferson is now interpreted as being the great 
    enfranchiser, which is not even close to his view. Jefferson's 
    writings clearly emphasize that the electorate should be comprised
    of the landed and merchant class; secondly, it was Jefferson's 
    statement that the electorate, and therefore the juries should be
    composed "...of a well educated and informed citizenry." 
    Jefferson was interested in an electorate which was of 
    substance and possessing of a stake in America.

        One of the clear principles of Jeffersonian thought was that
    jury, beyond the requirement of guilt beyond a reasonable doubt,
    was to _vote its conscience_.  Jefferson was responsible for 
    including the constitutional language which makes this possible, 
    even today, despite instructions from judges who could care less 
    about the intent of the constitution and are treating the accused 
    as nothing more than cattle on the way to the abattoir --if they 
    are not guilty this time they will be next time, so why waste 
    further time --sometimes known as "collateral damage." 

= >         Why has it gone this far?  because Joe-Six-Pack will sell  
= >     all his freedom in return for the promised security.  who is    
= >    the Judas goat?  the captive press.
= >

= Actually, being a "Joe six pack" my own damn self, I'd have to say
= that this is simply not the case. It is Joe six pack who makes up the
= body of the NRA and most other freedom watch dog organizations.
= Just for yer information, the pendulem has been swinging very much
= the other way, with 36 or 37 states recently following Floridas lead
= on concealed weapons carries. Not only that, but even NPR has even
= admitted that it has been effective.

        Agreed on the restoration of concealed weapons rights which
    had been regulated out of existence.

        Granted, Joe-Six-Pack may not be the perfect analogy, but I 
    refer to America's working class, blue collar and the grunts of 
    the white collars as Joe-Six-Pack --maybe I should say 
    Joe-Couch-Potato.  the class" referenced is a collection of many
    levels --what they have in common is they work and then confrom
    to the current norm of 7.2 hrs/day in front of the tube which
    their entire source of information --THEY will sell out from

        If you refer to Joe-Six-Pack as the the classic Southern red 
    neck, any attempt to limit their freedom, particularly the right
    a pickup truck with a gun rack, and their handguns --that's a very
    different situation. and that extends to small town westerners, 
    like myself, and to the plains.  I grew up on a farm, went to 
    Harvard, joined the spooks for six years of a bloodpath, bounced
    around the world in different fields, and I am back in a very
    community in the high desert: 100 families.  Noone around here 
    questions my bad attitude --the admissions requirements are at 
    least 5 kids and 2000 rounds.

        However, I think Joe-Six-Pack, in this constrained social set,
    for the vast majority would sell out on freedom of cryptography.
    they do not understand it, particularly against the onslaught of 
    the pinko-liberal captive media.  Our job is to educate them --and
    not with defiant rhetoric (such as mine).

        As for concealed weapons permits, bank robberies should 
    certainly drop --all it would take is one cowboy (and I'll 
    volunteer) and anything other than a large coordinated operation
    is in serious trouble.  One unsuspected, mean and surly patron 
    with a .357 who seriously knows how and when to use same is 
    very effective.  On the other hand, I do not recommend carrying
    an assault rifle on a sling over your shoulder to visit the

        The simple (I think) point I was trying to make was: the vast
    majority of our U.S. citizens would acquiesce to the deployment 
    of federal troops in return for security, rather than being armed,

    Posse Comitas not withstanding, to wipe crime off the streets.  
    The point could even be made: the troops might as well be doing 
    something useful rather than sitting around their bases; we do 
    have a rather large standing army --unfortunately, they would 
    become poorly trained and poorly disciplined --and could easily
    be part of the massive corruption in our cities (and every other
    government over many people).  Frankly, we should all vote in 
    a _free_ cyberspace;  forget the current system of choosing
    party loyalists and presidential electors.

        The application of a military mentality on the streets is not 
    my idea of law and order --they could kill off the majority of 
    the crime by legalizing all drugs and dispensing them in clinics.
    Britain reduced their second story (burglary) crime rate by over 
    60%; they did find they had a great many more addicts than the 
    thought, however.  A second benefit is that it takes some of the 
    mystery and challenge out of drugs --however, be prepared for the
    alcohol problem, although that effect would be significantly less
    than the current social cost of having 10% of the male black 
    population in lockdown.

        no, my bottome line is the Bubba has sunk to bottom with 
    paranoia, both he and the elite money interests which jerk all of
    the politicial habituites who depend on their soft money for their

    campaings and who wish to participate at the trough of influence 
    and greed (ever see someone retired after many years in Washington
    without a bundle).


one of the few things we all share: 
  the utter, corrosive contempt for our elected officials.