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Getting the word "GAK" into common usage


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To: [email protected]
Date: Thu Sep 12 11:20:55 1996

As most of you know, I have been trying to bring "our" word, "GAK" into 
common usage, as opposed to the "key-escrow" Newspeak proposed by some 
(unnamed) big-government bureaucrat, and unfortunately adopted in most 
discussions of cryptography policy, (especially those outside this forum) 
in spite of the true English meaning of the word "escrow."

There is a resource called "Infomania," which you can learn about by 
sending a blank message with the subject "help" to <[email protected]>. 
The service provides, via email, services that are normally only available 
to people who have real internet acess (ie, "WHOIS,") but there is also a 
heavy bias toward humor. Sending it the subject "GEEK," for example, 
returns the current version of the Code of the Geeks. Sending the subject 
CHEF with some dry, boring text (such as this message) in the message body 
returns you a truly hilarious transmogrification. :)

Anyway, I have been in contact with Jason Fesler, who administers the site 
for Infomania [a firm which produces film separations for commercial grade 
printers and which provides this free service] about putting in a new 
command, "GAK," which will return to senders whatever the current U.S. 
govt. "key-escrow" Newspeak bigbrother anti-privacy proposal(s) is/are.
(ie. clipper1, clipper2, son of clipper etc.). He has agreed that if we can 
supply a script or url or gopher page or something of that sort to 
interface it to, and a person to maintain it whenever the policy changes 
yet again (the hard part) he will do it. I would, of course, expect a bit 
of cypherpunkly commentary to accompany the text.

Perhaps this information already exists (likely it does) on some page, and 
if you know where and think it is stable and well-updated, please email me 
privately, and I will try to put the owner of the site in touch with Jason. 
I am Bccing him with this message. Thanks for your help.

Regards, Jim Ray -- DNRC Minister of Encryption Advocacy

"As govt.s grow arithmetically, corruption grows exponentially."
 -- Ray's Law of official corruption.

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