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Re: Bubba Bottoming out on Cocaine Paranoia?

No comments about Bubba, Joe Sixpack, the NWO, Greys, Reds, Greens, 
those on the dole or those high on Dole....

Just notice the strange contradiction below:

=when the whole world is "wired" and e-cash is the norm.  The result
=will be less powerful governments in relation to criminal
=organizations such as the Mafia and international drug cartels, says
=Michael Nelson, who adds that organized crime members are already
=some of the most sophisticated users of computer systems and strong
=encryption technology. ...

Ok, the "bad guys" will use sophisticated security devices...  but below,
apparently the "good guys" don't use the same sophisticated tech, and 
therefore are at an even greater risk from another set of "bad 

=                                   ... In addition, computer crackers will pose a
=more significant threat.  In response, Nelson advocates resolving the
=issue of whether unauthorized access of a computer is an "act of
=trespass" or an "act of war," and prosecuting the intrusions
=accordingly. (BNA Daily Report for Executives 6 Sep 96 A14)
= (Courtesy of Edupage)
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