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Re: mailing lists

>i don't see you sticking your neck out to deal with assholes who think
>freedom of speech is secondary to their right not to ever see mail
>they don't want. 

Like hell we're not.  What are you guys mad at us for?  Thinking that
FREEDOM of SPEECH is much, much more important that whining computer
nerds who can't push a DELETE button.

>i did competitive public speaking from 7th grade until my junior year
>of high school where i was also on the debate team for two years.

In that case, maybe you should learn to use the SHIFT key.  Or didn't
debaters in your school take typing and/or learn about punctuation,
capitalization, and the other niceties of English communication?

>now i make a living as a biochemistry grad student (only a year left
>until you get to call me Dr.) where logic is paramount and feelings
>are irrelevant.

Well, "doctor" why can't you see (with your logic) that junk Email (or
"spam") would save many, many forests if it REPLACED junk SnailMail.

Isn't it just that your "irrelevant feelings" have been hurt, because
someone used your remailer-baby in a way you hadn't planned for ?!?

Why not put your money where your mouth is, and bet me (any amount),
that spam WILL be socially acceptable by the year 2000.  Particularly,
when the green-folks discover how many trees will be saved.  It'll be
a social-mandate, NOT just a suggestion.  Want to bet?

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