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Re: who can count?

On Thu, 12 Sep 1996, HipCrime wrote:

> > No, this b.s. is more like having someone put a dead skunk in my 
> > mailbox, with no return address, trying to prevent me from sending 
> > them 100 dead skunks as a return favor. And about as welcome.
> 100 dead skunks in exchange for ONE is exactly what this discussion
> is all about.  You CypherWIMPS just love over-kill.  EmailRobot sent
> ONE message to EACH address.  Are you guys so unskilled in arithmetic
> to understand the difference between 1 and 100?

It doesn't matter if you get one or one hundred messages - both are still 
annoying as hell.  If I wanted whatever you're advertising or selling, 
I'd come look for it.  I'd prefer that you not mail me.


Zach Babayco

[email protected]  <----- finger for PGP public key