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WinSock Remailer Accepting Only PGP Messages Starting September


Due to the large number of inconsiderate users and spammers,
the vast majority of whom do not use PGP, we are changing the
operation of the WinSock Remailer at [email protected] to accept
only incoming messages that are encrypted with PGP.  This 
change will become effective September 16, 1996 at 9:00 PM EDT.

On a brighter note, a new release of the WinSock Remailer will
be available on September 17.  In addition to bug fixes, a 
number of new features have been added including:

- support for shared or exclusive POP account (the operator
  will be able to operate the remailer from his personal 
  account; messages without proper remail headers will be
  left in the mail spool for retrieval with any other POP
  mail client).

- support for changing the outgoing message pool size on the
  Outgoing Mail dialog box.

- remailer now accepts "help" in addition to "remailer-help"
  to retrieve the help file for the remailer.  A large 
  number of help requests were piling up in the reject
  directory, so this should cure that problem.

And yes, the bug that prevented the remailer from operating
in PGP Only mode, has been fixed.  :-)


Joey Grasty ([email protected])
Jim Ray ([email protected])
WinSock Remailer Operators