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"Unwanted Mail"

On Or About: 12 Sep 96 at 22:49, Rabid Wombat wrote:

> The same useless and boring message posted by rote to a huge collection of
> addresses is spam, unless participation is voluntary and consensual, in
> which case it is a mailing list. :)

Spam, like the definition of useless and boring, is very subjective.  
So, I feel that waht I am doing is useful and interesting.  I am sure 
that HipCrime feels the same.  Just keep on bitching to the list and 
don't call your congressman about a few unwanted e-mails.
Tim May writes:

>But to attempt to define "SPAM" (unless you're Armour) is dangerous.
>This whole notion of "unwanted mail" is ill-defined and not something
>"the law" should get involved in, in my view. (And CP technologies
>certainly are consistent with this, e.g., placing the role of
>screening on those who set up gates, not on tracking down True Names
>for prosecution.)
>In the case of actual USPS mailboxes, there are laws which prevent
>others from using them (e.g., no UPS or FedEx deliveries). For sure,
>dead skunks can be placed in mailboxes, or under porches, or whatever.
>The law can't fix everything.

Thanks, Tim.  My point exactly! 


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