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Re: who can count?


On 12 Sep 96 at 17:57, HipCrime wrote:

> > No, this b.s. is more like having someone put a dead skunk in my
> > mailbox, with no return address, trying to prevent me from sending
> > them 100 dead skunks as a return favor. And about as welcome.
> 100 dead skunks in exchange for ONE is exactly what this discussion
> is all about.  You CypherWIMPS just love over-kill.  EmailRobot sent
> ONE message to EACH address.  Are you guys so unskilled in
> arithmetic to understand the difference between 1 and 100?
> One message is NOT spam, 100 messages to a single box IS spamming.

Dear HipCrime,

My e-mail address is *paid for*, I subscribe to it for my own 
self-interest *only*.  I do send requests for junk mail from various
companies that falls into my fields of interest.  But take note that
since *I* pay for it, I consider it as my private territory.  If you
want to trespass, it is up to you and for the moment, there is nothing
much I can do, unfortunately.

I invite you to send me as much spam as you want, as long as you send
me 0.1 gram of pure, 24k gold per kilobyte of spam (rounded to the
superior Kb, i.e. 1.1Kb=.2g Au) you send me, payable in gold at the
rate of the next day the spam was received by me, delivered at my
local mailbox within 30 days (2% monthly fees applies).  As long as
you send payement, your spam will be welcome. (And don't send
"spoofed-gold" I've got an eye for the genuine stuff :)

Of course my rates are steep and non-negotiable, but there hey, what
is morally objectionable in making profit when I don't *force* anybody
to accept?



p.s.  e-mail me privately for my postbox address. 
- -- 
Jean-Francois Avon, Montreal QC Canada
 DePompadour, Societe d'Importation Ltee
    Finest of Limoges porcelain and crystal
 JFA Technologies, R&D consultant
    physicists and engineers, LabView programing
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