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Re: What is this nonsense? (Anti DVD piracy chip)

At 02:16 PM 9/13/96 +0200, Gary Howland wrote:
>Taken from a recent Edupage:
>> SGS-Thomson Microelectronics has developed a computer chip that prevents
>> would-be DVD pirates from making unlawful copies of movies from digital
>> video disc players.  The chip scrambles the disk's coding if it's
>> on a VCR.  (Investor's Business Daily 11 Sep 96 A6)
>Anyone know anything about this?  Sounds like nonsense to me ...

Probibly a variation on the Macrovision copy protection scheme.  Of course
they do not care that such copyprotection methods usually cause a loss in
signal quality.  (Which is why people buy laser discs in the first place.)

Hopefully it will be something that never succeeds in the marketplace.
(Although i expect it to be imposed whether the consumer wants it or not or
how bad it screws up the signal.)

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