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Re: did you go to school?


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Date: Fri Sep 13 17:07:32 1996
"Hipcrime" Detweilled:


> JMR, it's hard to believe that your English education is SO LACKING,
> that you missed the fact, that in my sentence quoted above, the word 
> "ours" refers to MANKIND IN GENERAL, not me personally.
> Go sit in the corner with the duncecap on, and don't come out until you
> can read an 8th grade piece of literature (with full comprehension).

[This doesn't deserve comment, and I have already killfiled this 
asshole-liar-who-is-unable-to-admit-when-he's-wrong, but...]

1. Go run a remailer if you proclaim that you like them so much.

2. Private property that belongs to "mankind in general"? A new one on me. 
Webster's may help you understand English, but your debate skills are akin 
to your personality, and yes, once again, that was private email.
JMR  --  "who is beginning to get used to this from the net.jerk population.

Regards, Jim Ray -- DNRC Minister of Encryption Advocacy

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