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Re: "Remailers can't afford to be choosy"

From:	IN%"[email protected]" 13-SEP-1996 04:33:21.66

>By the way, today's remailers appear to be primarily _experiments_ or
>_casual services_, not altruistic services for some nebulous idea of "free
>speech." (Besides, if it's illegal for "spammers" to use remailers, so much
>for "free speech.")

	Umm.... freedom of the press is freedom for he who owns the press.
The remailer operators own the presses; why shouldn't they use whatever means
they see fit to determine how they can be used? I encourage people not to
discriminate on the basis of the political orientation of what's going
through... but spam isn't political speech. (I agree that the government
should not be in the business of determining what is spam and what is
political speech - all speech should be protected - but remailer operators
are not governments.)