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Re: "Remailers can't afford to be choosy"

One important differentiation to make is filtering on form vs. filtering on
content. Most if not all remailers have clear usage guidelines. These
indicate several form restrictions on what messages the remailer is
offering to transmit. These restrictions may be on message size,
instruction formatting, number of destinations for one message, or number
of identical messages. These restrictions are no more censorship than
restricting messages to SMTP compliant ascii.

Where people do not follow the stated rules, I take action to enforce them.
Either by source blocking the abuser if known, destination blocking the
destination, or trying to apply public pressure. I think all these actions
are completely reasonable, given that the proper use guidelines were
clearly defined up front. It is similar to putting up a fence around your
yard when people start hanging out there uninvited.

Of necessity most remailers also restrict some content. This is very
difficult to enforce, but is generally done for legal reasons. I restrict
illegal and harassing posts. Since I don't see the content, these
provisions are largely unenforced.

Are you suggesting that I not take perfectly legal and open actions to
enforce the public statement of allowed uses of my remailer?


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