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Re: Internet Drivers' Licenses

Black Unicorn <[email protected]> writes:

 > I'm crushed.

 > Seriously, what is the import of the "real identifiable
 > human" or the "posting under their legal names" point?

It's been a bad spam day.  If someone offered me a switch that
would separate academicians from AOLers, I would throw it.

That doesn't necessarily mean I would leave it in the "ON"
position forever, or that I would consider such a thing to be the
correct Cypherpunks approach to the problem.

 > If an AI program posts quality stuff, what's the difference?

 > Why the import of true "legal" names?  Why not simply
 > develop reputation signatures?

 > The concept that "legal names" are some how a credential is
 > silly.  I have a friend who has four, with matching SSN
 > cards.

These are all good points, but today (as opposed to days when I
am in a good mood, and think correct political thoughts), I would
opt for the quick and dirty solution.

 > What your suggestion basically says is "instead of
 > developing our own decentralized reputations system for
 > filtering lets use one already in place, i.e. the state
 > Department of Motor Vehicles.

Let's develop our own decentralized reputations system for
filtering.  Could we have it installed in the "sci" and "comp"
hierarchies by tomorrow morning please?

 > Mr. Duvos' idea is, in my view, a step backwards.

Mr. Duvos, like other humans with Net fatigue, is occasionally
not in good humour.

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