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Re: unwanted mail..what can I do?

[email protected] writes:

> I recieved mail from netfree.com..
> I tried mailing it back (it def. had a forged address, but I got the netfree
> from the mail header.....)
> So anyway..... I tried sending to [email protected] mail was rejected (not
> unknown ...it was rejected by the system) said it wasnt authorized... so I
> tried [email protected] thing.
> It ISSSSS rather annoying...any sugestions?

Yes, a bunch of them:

1. Get a life. Learn to delete unwanted e-mail. Get a real shell account.

2. Ask AOL to let its users decide what e-mail to reject automatically (like
procmail). They've been promising this capability by the end of September.
Then you can set up your account to get no more e-mail from netfree.


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