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Re: Nonsense, absolute nonsense... [Fwd: HipCrime and Spam]

>>At 21:50 9/11/96, Ross Wright <[email protected]> wrote to
>>[email protected] and [email protected]:
>>>As I said having a website invites comments.  It's like being a
>>>public figure.  In effect you are publishing your e-mail address.
>>Interesting perspective.  However, placing an email address on a web page
>>is by no means an offer to take "comments" (i.e., marketing spams) on
>>anything that strikes the spammer's fancy.
>How would you know what the *intent* of these other people is in placing
>mailme: tags on their public pages unless you have been to the specific
>pages. You speak only for yourself, yet you try to imply that you speak for
>everyone on the www who has placed a mailto: tag on their pages.

I think this is exactly the point. On a given page I might have several
mailto tags. One for comments on some subject, one for feedback, and one
for the webmaster. I expect the person mailing me to take the time to use
the correct mailbox. I created a page urging political activism, and
included a mailto for all the relevant Senators and Representatives. I
hardly think they are interested in this kind of spam.

Trawling the web for every address you can find, then mailing them all
seems very inappropriate.


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