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Re: Nonsense, absolute nonsense... [Fwd: HipCrime and Spam]

On 13 Sep 96 at 13:37, Admin wrote:

> >Also, I charge $500 per message.  I've always liked flat fees. :-)

> >------- Forwarded Message -------
> >At 21:50 9/11/96, Ross Wright <[email protected]> wrote to
> >[email protected] and [email protected]:

> >Unsolicited advertising/promotional email proofread for
> >$500/message!  Your sending such a message to me is an explicit
> >request for my services!

> Inane, off-thread, unsupported weak analogous attempts at reasoned
> argument received, but not read - simply deleted, for $1000/message.
> Sending OR posting the above to me or a Newsgroup that I may happen
> to read constitutes your accord and acceptance of the above
> contract. If I must read them, the fee is $2000/message.

Geeee...  I am *truly* clueless with my 0.1 g of pure gold per e-mail 

As of today, take notice, I'm increasing my rates to 2 ounces of 
99.99+ pure gold per received and deleted e-mail.

Jean-Francois Avon, Montreal QC Canada
"One of theses centuries, the brutes, private or public, who believe
that they can rule their betters by force, will learn the lesson of
what happens when brute force encounters mind and force."
                                              - Ragnar Danneskjold
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