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   9-13-96. FiTi: 
   "On manoeuvres in the modern military mind." 
      The most interesting challenge is psychological. 
      Participants learn the hard way that they cannot simply 
      command. They must persuade, cajole and win over 
      subordinates, allies and politicians, who may have 
      varying agendas. While lower level command requires 
      physical courage and speed of decision, higher commmand 
      involves moral courage, intellectual vision and 
      "Politicians are being pressed by interest groups on all 
      sides, while the military will usually only focus on 
      their aspect of the task. The collision of those two 
      sets of values can be quite a shock." 
      The more subtle message from the historians is the 
      lethal potential of petty jealousies, warring ambitions 
      and clashing egos. 
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