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ISC Meeting Agenda

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Date: Sat, 14 Sep 1996 08:53:40 -0400 (EDT)
From: Michael S Baum <[email protected]>
To: [email protected]
Subject: ISC Meeting Agenda
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                       MEETING NOTICE

                       Please correspond with:
                                Michael S. Baum, Esq.
                                33 Tremont Street
                                Cambridge, MA  02139-1227  USA
                                V: +1 617.661.1234
                                F: +1 617.661.0716
                                E: [email protected]


Dear Committee Member:

You are cordially invited to participate in a meeting of the Information
Security Committee, Section of Science & Technology, American Bar
Association, on Friday/Saturday, October 18-19, 1996, in Boston.  The
Committee will advance its development of commercial key escrow guidelines
as well as consider digital signature legislative initiatives in the
several States and other jurisdictions, and continue its consideration of
digital signature evidence and liability.

Consistent with Section policy, ISC meeting participants MUST be members
of both the ABA and the ABA Section of Science and Technology.  Please
contact Ann Kowalsky, Manager Section of Science & Technology, at ABA
offices in Chicago by phone: +1 312.988.5599, fax: +1 312.988.5628, or
email: [email protected] for membership information. It is possible
to become a paid member of the ABA and the ISC at the meeting.

Dan Greenwood, ISC member, has kindly agreed to host the meeting at the
Information Technology Division of the Commonwealth of Massachusetts.  Dan
can be reached at 617.973.0071 or [email protected] for directions &
logistical information.

Meeting details appear below. I look forward to seeing you in Boston.


Michael S. Baum
Chair, Information Security Committee
Section of Science & Technology, ABA


                         October 18-19, 1996

                          Tentative Agenda
                 (see "Meeting Details," next page)
        (In extended sessions, breaks will be taken as needed.)

October 18, 1996  Friday

 8:30-9:00   Greetings, breakfast, administrative matters.
 9:00-9:30   Introductions, meeting logistics, Guidelines update,
              questions; PKI-relevant standards reports.
 9:30-12:00  Legislative/Regulatory Update (including open conference call
              with digital signature leg./reg. drafting committee
              representatives in the US and abroad).
12:00-13:00  Joint lunch with Boston Bar Assn, Computer Law Committee.
13:00-18:00  Continuation of legislative/regulatory update with digital
              signature leg./reg. drafting committee representatives.
18:00-????   Watering hole discussions; possible continuation of work
              group meetings.

October 19, 1996  Saturday

 8:30-9:00   Breakfast, et cetera.
 9:00-10:00  Presentation by Key Escrow work group.
10:00-12:00  Breakout sessions on work groups.
12:00-13:00  Working lunch and guest presentation on "Assuring Quality and
              the Accreditation of Certification Authorities" by
              invited representative of the Nat'l Inst. of Standards and Tech.
13:00-15:00  Presentations by Work Groups.
15:00-15:30  Path Forward; wrap-up.

                             ISC MEETING DETAILS
                              October 18-19, 1996

Members are urged to participate in one of the work groups that will be
presenting/meeting during the ISC's meeting.

    "Addendum" Work Group
     Contact: Ruven Schwartz ([email protected])
              Tom Smedinghoff ([email protected])
              Joe Wackerman ([email protected])
       The Addendum Work Group will continue drafting a digital signature
       trading partner agreement -- integrating the principles of the
       Digital Signature Guidelines, and developing additional practical
       commentary for this model form of electronic commerce agreement.

    Evidentiary Work Group
    Contact: Stan Kurzban ([email protected]) or
             Serge Parisien ([email protected])
       The Evidentiary Work Group will complete and present
       a provisional outline for a tutorial on the evidentiary
       implications of digitally signed information and advance drafting
       of material for each section of the tutorial.

    Key Escrow Work Group (KEWG)
    Contact: Dwight Olson ([email protected]) or
             Randy Sabett ([email protected])
       The KEWG will focus on the legal and technical aspects
       of commercial key escrow.  The group will seek to accurately
       explore all major issues surrounding this topic, and produce a set
       of draft guidelines for comment.  The proposed guidelines are
       intended to facilitate secure electronic commerce by
       clarifying the rights and obligations of the parties involved
       in voluntary commercial key escrow. The work product may take
       one or more forms including:
       (i)   a "restatement" of the relevant law and practice,
       (ii)  a model state or federal law or international convention,
       (iii) a set of principles that can be incorporated by reference
               into agreements or used for the interpretation of legal
               aspects of voluntary key escrow, or
       (iv)  a set of "gap filler" provisions.

    Liability Work Group
    Contact: Maureen Adamache ([email protected])
       The liability work group will meet as necessary to discuss
       the apportionment of liabilities among PKI providers and users.
       Previously, this task was considered in the ISC's own work-product,
       the Digital Signature Guidelines.  Future documents that will
       be considered include Certification Practice Statements, and digital
       signature legislative and regulatory work product.

    State Government Digital Signatures Laws & Regulations
    Contact: Dan Greenwood ([email protected])
       The digital signature legislative and regulatory working group
       will compile, evaluate and compare the various emerging
       approaches by states and other jurisdictions. Work product will
       include a web-based comprehensive "one-stop shop" for
       jurisdictions wishing to review current approaches.

First-time participants (who plan to attend the October 18-19, 1996
meeting) must request attendance and submit a brief work-product
(typically 3-5 pages) relevant to the subject matter. Please contact Ruven
Schwartz (v: 612.687.8095, f: 612.687.7907, or e:
[email protected]) for details.

Meeting Location:
McCormack Building (Across Bowdoin Street from the State House)
1 Ashburton Place
Room 1, 21st Floor
Boston, Massachusetts USA
(Contact: Dan Greenwood +1 617.973.0071)

Meals:  The cafeteria will be available for lunch on Friday for those ISC
Members who choose to work through the joint lunch session.  On Saturday
we will probably order in pizza.

Lodging: A very nearby hotel is the Holiday Inn, Government Center, 5
Blossom Street, Boston. The regular rate during our meeting dates is
$219.95/night.  However, the Reservation Supervisor (Kim) has offered a
rate of $199.95 to Committee members who request the "Great Rate"  plan.
Call reservations at +1 617.742.7630.  For a better (but more expensive)
hotel near Government Center, try the Parker House at +1 617.227.8600.
The Omni Parker House (nicer than Holiday Inn) quoted a rate of $169/night
for a single with a king or queen bed and $119/night for a single with a
double bed.  The rooms are very small - but the hotel is nice.  See also a
Greater Boston Bed & Breakfast directory:

RSVP:  Please confirm your intention to participate to Ann Kowalsky,
Section Manager, Section of Science and Technology
([email protected]) as soon as possible.

See you in Boston!


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