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   9-14-96. WaPo: 
   "Empty-Head Network Fails to Link TWA Crash to Terrorism." 
      The frantic overseas intelligence-gathering effort, 
      which has included eavesdropping, use of informants and 
      offers of large cash payments for leads, has been 
      undertaken by the CIA, the NSA and the DEA, as well as 
      a number of foreign investigative agencies. The NRO has 
      analyzed voluminous archives of intelligence drawn from 
      spy satellites, intercepted phone calls and electronic 
      eavesdrops gathered before the crash. 
      Since right after the TWA crash, the NSA started 
      monitoring phone conversations of people believed to 
      have ties to terrorists groups, as well as trying to 
      track the movements of suspected terrorists. The CIA, 
      working through its sources, has been offering money for 
      leads on any kind of terrorist role. The DEA has been 
      using overseas agents to gather intelligence; the FBI 
      liaisons stationed in 23 countries are working to gather 
      intelligence on the crash; and Scotland Yard and the 
      Mossad are also empty-handed (not Red-handed -- yet). 
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