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Re: Nonsense, absolute nonsense... [Fwd: HipCrime and Art]

At 09:53 PM 9/13/96 -0700, you wrote:
>>>At 21:50 9/11/96, Ross Wright <[email protected]> wrote to
>>>[email protected] and [email protected]:
>>>>As I said having a website invites comments.  It's like being a
>>>>public figure.  In effect you are publishing your e-mail address.
>>>Interesting perspective.  However, placing an email address on a web page
>>>is by no means an offer to take "comments" (i.e., marketing spams) on
>>>anything that strikes the spammer's fancy.
>>How would you know what the *intent* of these other people is in placing
>>mailme: tags on their public pages unless you have been to the specific
>>pages. You speak only for yourself, yet you try to imply that you speak for
>>everyone on the www who has placed a mailto: tag on their pages.
>I think this is exactly the point. On a given page I might have several
>mailto tags. One for comments on some subject, one for feedback, and one
>for the webmaster. I expect the person mailing me to take the time to use
>the correct mailbox. I created a page urging political activism, and
>included a mailto for all the relevant Senators and Representatives. I
>hardly think they are interested in this kind of spam.

Of course, that would be for THEM to decide what they find interesting or
not. Every response to this thread always seems to impart some speculation
as to what other people might or might not find interesting. What one finds
of interest another may not so why don't we leave it up to the recipients
themselves instead of some self appointed censors. I'll decide whats
interesting to me, you decide what is interesting to you, and the senators
can decide whats interesting to them.

I'm sure that some senators/reps on the various endowment for the arts
committees, and or the technology oversight committees would have found
HipCrime's sight to be of some interest. Of course if it was a blurb of some
new mixmaster/remailer development, you would have found it of interest, so
lets stop trying to guess what other people want and speak for ourselves.

>Trawling the web for every address you can find, then mailing them all
>seems very inappropriate.

To you it may not seem appropriate, as its a subjective judgement, I'm sure
that some brown-shirted jack-booted gov't officials beleive that using a
remailer for any reason is inappropriate....thats what's great about this
world, we all have our own subjective beliefs.


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