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Re: MTH_ead

John Young wrote:
>    9-14-96. WaPo:
>    "Empty-Head Network Fails to Link TWA Crash to Terrorism."
>       The frantic overseas intelligence-gathering effort,
>       which has included eavesdropping, use of informants and
>       offers of large cash payments for leads, has been
>       undertaken by the CIA, the NSA and the DEA, as well as
>       a number of foreign investigative agencies. The NRO has
>       analyzed voluminous archives of intelligence drawn from
>       spy satellites, intercepted phone calls and electronic
>       eavesdrops gathered before the crash.
>       Since right after the TWA crash, the NSA started
>       monitoring phone conversations of people believed to
>       have ties to terrorists groups, as well as trying to
>       track the movements of suspected terrorists. The CIA,
>       working through its sources, has been offering money for
>       leads on any kind of terrorist role. The DEA has been
>       using overseas agents to gather intelligence; the FBI
>       liaisons stationed in 23 countries are working to gather
>       intelligence on the crash; and Scotland Yard and the
>       Mossad are also empty-handed (not Red-handed -- yet).
>    http://jya.com/mthead.txt  (10 kb)
>    MTH_ead

All these multi-BILLION-dollar agencies, seeming to have no clue?
Is this not a suggestion of some kind of inside job?