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Re: Workers Paradise. /Political rant.

At 7:08 PM 9/14/96, Asgaard wrote:

>The problem with the 100% market economy approach is what to do
>with those who just can't get it together, i.e. who buy beer for the
>money that should go to health insurance and then fall ill. It's
>against basic human instincts to just let them stay in agony.

I have no problem with letting them stay in agony (but you all knew this).

"Saving for a rainy day," whether saving, investing, getting an education
(while others are out partying), preparing, etc., all takes effort and
commitment. If those who save and prepare are then told they have to pay
high taxes to support those who partied....well, the predictable effect is
that many of them will say "I'll just party and let The System take care of
me." Thus, the effect of "not letting them stay in agony" is _more_ people
in agony. When you tell people that a compassionate society will meet their
basic needs, a predictable fraction of them will choose not to work hard
and prepare themselves.

I say we need to let about 20 million Americans, and a couple of billion in
the rest of the world, meet their fate.

While I will not _actively_ seek to dispose of them, I will work to make
sure they cannot continue to subsidize their lives at my expense.

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--Tim May

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