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Re: Workers Paradise. /Political rant.

        before everyone else flames tim, I'll toss a couple-three
    Carter dollars in the pot:

        1.  where has compassion, which is wrung from an unwilling 
            minority by coercian, ever succeeded in building the 
            economy in *real* numbers without raising taxes 
            disproportionately for more bureaucratic waste?

            forget the idea that it will build a community --unless 
            you wish to consider the Bitch's "It Takes a Global 
            Village" a community.  Statist from the cradle; welcome
            to "Logan's Run."

        2.  if there is community "welfare" by the biblical definition,
            is it:

            a) socialism, and 

            b) does it cost the community additional taxes?  

            NO, it does not need to be or do either, BUT, it means
            that everybody independently attempts to succeed and the
            'community' takes care of itself --and in the standard 
            sense, the ne'er do wells fall off the path of *their own 
            free choice.*  There will always be sickness and calamity,
            but that is what the community is for.

            BTW, it still works today; I live in one of 'em.

        3.  deciding on a personal level where to draw the line is not
            necessarily socialy irresponsible. we will always have 
            Scrooge, and God-forbid we should lose a few bleeding-
            heart-with-your-money liberals for the final chestnut roast.

            Now, I don't intend to be Scrooge, but I'll fight for my
            rights to cut off at the knees the knee-jerk liberals and 
            government slavemeisters who want to tell me that I, and 
            2 others are required to support 100 freeloaders.  

            --a .357 mag shell can still be loaded for less than a 



In <[email protected][]>, on 09/15/96 
   at 06:47 AM, [email protected] (Timothy C. May) said:

= .I have no problem with letting them stay in agony (but you all knew
= .this).
= .
        that's what we all love about you, tim: your predictability.

= ."Saving for a rainy day," whether saving, investing, getting an
= .education (while others are out partying), preparing, etc., all
= .takes effort and commitment. If those who save and prepare are then
= .told they have to pay high taxes to support those who
= .partied....well, the predictable effect is that many of them will
= .say "I'll just party and let The System take care of me." Thus, the
= .effect of "not letting them stay in agony" is _more_ people in
= .agony. When you tell people that a compassionate society will meet
= .their basic needs, a predictable fraction of them will choose not
= .to work hard and prepare themselves.
        fourth generation of the government dole in our ghettos, 
    or is it the fifth?

= .I say we need to let about 20 million Americans, and a couple of
= .billion in the rest of the world, meet their fate.

        you're figure is low.

= .While I will not _actively_ seek to dispose of them, I will work to
= .make sure they cannot continue to subsidize their lives at my
= .expense.

        no, they'll first try to cannibalize us, then fall upon 
    themselves and their demigod leaders.

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one of the few things we all share: 
  the utter, corrosive contempt for our elected officials.