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Re: [Noise] Shopkeepers Preventing Riot Redistribution

On Sun, 15 Sep 1996, Jim Ray wrote:
> Indeed, it was. In a beautiful-to-me scene which Miami's WSVN, Channel 7 
> (our big-hair station) called "chilling," Korean-American shopkeepers, 
> perched atop their building with semi-automatic firearms, kept one block 
> safe while the rest of the neighborhood burned without police protection. 
> Upon being informed that this was a biased interpretation of legitimate 
> actions by the merchants, which _I_ found heartwarming, they said that 
> chilling was "just a word." 

What your TV station probably didn't report was that the police quickly 
showed up at the scene. To arrest the looters carrying crowbars and 
torches? Of course not. The cops came to arrest the "sniper".