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Re: That Evil Internet, Pt. XXIII

On Wed, 11 Sep 1996, David M. Rose wrote:
> Caught an interesting segment on this evening's PBS news program with Jim
> Lehrer.
> Two senators were discussing whether the U.S. should sign the international
> agreement banning chemical warfare.
> Sen. Kyl maintains that verification is impossible and that Iraq, Libya, and
> North Korea will never participate.
> Sen. Nunn responds that we should sign anyway.  Besides, he adds in the non
> sequitur of the week, anyone can get instructions on how to build chemical
> weapons on the Internet.
> I guess the Internet isn't just for pornography and conventional bomb-making
> advice anymore.


     Simple advice for the manufacture of Chlorine Gas (similar enough to 
mustard gas that it has the same effect). 

     1 bottle of Chlorine Bleach.
     1 Bottle of lime-away.

     Hold Breath, mix in open container. Clear the building before you breathe

     Use more bottles for a larger area.

     I did this accidentally when I was young (16), foolish and working 
for a hospital. That it happened at work (_very_ small amounts of both bleach
and lime-away) made the Emergency Room visit free and quick. No permanent
damage, but I was lucky.  

Petro, Christopher C.
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