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Re: That Evil Internet, Pt. XXIII

snow writes:

:      Simple advice for the manufacture of Chlorine Gas (similar enough to 
: mustard gas that it has the same effect). 
:      1 bottle of Chlorine Bleach.
:      1 Bottle of lime-away.
:      Hold Breath, mix in open container. Clear the building before you breath
: e
: again. 
:      Use more bottles for a larger area.
:      I did this accidentally when I was young (16), foolish and working 
: for a hospital. That it happened at work (_very_ small amounts of both bleach
: and lime-away) made the Emergency Room visit free and quick. No permanent
: damage, but I was lucky.  

Or one can use the technique my father accidentally discovered when he
was  in school and wanted to electrolyze water.  He made himself a
cell out of a broken light bulb (and wired it in series with a good
light bulb) and then realized that he did not have any sulphuric acid
lying around to use as a catalyst.  So he used table salt instead.

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