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ComLaw> Down South

Cross-post from [email protected]
At 09:11 PM 9/15/96 -0400, James M. Cobb wrote:
>    09 14 96 Associated Press distributes a newsstory headed: 
>                        AGAINST GOVERNMENT 
>    Points from the newsstory: 
>        Leaders of a violent new rebel group are vowing to 
>        press their war on Mexico's military and police.... 
>        [Last month's] raids were the most widespread guerril- 
>        la attacks in Mexico in decades. 
>        ...during the news conference, the rebel leaders... 
>        said that...bomb threats issued since last month's at- 
>        tacks were part of an outside campaign to discredit the 
>        group. 
>        They said their targets will continue to be government, 
>        not civilian, sites. 
>    Please note that word: OUTSIDE. 
>    Imported from Atlanta. 
>    "Overnight" via NAFTA Express: 
>        [The rebel group's statement] cited "the TERROR and 
>        desperation caused by unemployment, the drastic reduc- 
>        tion of the buying power of salaries, the lack of at- 
>        tention to health, education and housing." 
>    Cordially, 
>    Jim 
>    NOTE. The AP newsstory's www.nando.net online filename: 
>                       world2_15734.html 
>          I capitalized the Clinton-word in the last quota- 
>          tion. 
>          This critical essay was composed 09 15 96. 

>From what has appeared in the American media about this new Mexican rebel 
group, I'm particularly pleased with them.  This is exactly the kind of 
alternative that we need to the stereotypical, "kill lotsa innocent 
citizens" attacks which are often associated with the term terrorism.  They 
make it clear that they specifically target soldiers, police, and other 
government employees.

After reading a couple of articles, it is obvious what they need:  A method 
to prevent spoofing of their communiques, a function that PGP could do quite 

Jim Bell
[email protected]