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"But if it saves just one child."

At 3:51 PM 9/15/96, James A. Donald wrote:
>Not everyone who sends food to the starving children is ultra
>Problem is that the usual cause of starving children is tyranny.
>It is very common for international charities to develop excessively
>friendly relationships with murderous tyrannies,

But there is a simple rationale for this behavior...

The rallying cry heard so often these days: "But if it saves just one child."

Hence the moves to ban guns, the moves to ban cigarettes, the moves to
remove violent scenes from movies, books, and video games, and, yes, the
close alliances between Save Our Children and the Idi Amins of the world.

(Hillary also thinks it takes a village to save the children.)

--Tim May, who think GAK and Position Escrow are justified if they save but
one child's life.

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