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Re: SPL -- Suspicious Persons List

At 09:04 PM 9/15/96 -0400, Phill <[email protected]> wrote:
>>     Work for the competition, or start your own company. 
>Easy enough for you or me who can charge the minimum wage rate
>for an hour for a period more like a minute.

In this part of California, most yard work is done by small companies
run by guys named Jose or Pablo, who can charge maybe 2-3x minimum
at most before the competition undercuts them.  And they have to
worry about blacklists also - "business licenses" and "immigration papers".

>Being opposed to government slavery isn't enough. Coorporate slavery
>is just as bad. Unless people are enfranchised ecconmically as
>well as politically the political liberties don't matter much. 

It's not corporate slavery when you don't have to work for them.

>I am on an SPL that is run by an organisation called the "Ecconomic
>League". It is an organisation run by the UK Conservative party 
>which keeps lists of "unsafe" employees. Of course the list is 

(Just because I don't believe in the concept of "corporate slavery"
doesn't mean I don't think corporations can be offensive.  This sucks...)
Out of curiousity, I thought the UK had Data Privacy Laws or
some sort of Database Cops - does that not apply to applications like this?

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