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Re: SPL -- Suspicious Persons List

>(Just because I don't believe in the concept of "corporate slavery"
>doesn't mean I don't think corporations can be offensive.  This sucks...)
>Out of curiousity, I thought the UK had Data Privacy Laws or
>some sort of Database Cops - does that not apply to applications like this?

The Tories put an exclusion into the act deliberately to cover the
Ecconomic League. Only record which are kept on computer are covered.
The Ecconomic League deliberately keeps all its records on paper to
avoid the act.

Its simply an example of privatized abuse. The information is available
to the government for party political work but they cannot be questioned 
about its activities because they "arn't involved" (sarcastic laughter).

This is the same government which used MI5 to monitor the activities of 
the peace movement and which used 5000 crack troops to evict 50 elderly
women from land they wanted to turn into a missile base. Whether you
agree or disagree with the policies the methods sound very much like those
of Hoover at the FBI with a strong dose of Nixon thrown in.