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Re: IBM_gak

On Mon, 16 Sep 1996, John Young wrote:

>    9-15-96. PcWe: 
>    "IBM Boosts Encryption Initiative " 
>       IBM security initiatives next month will include a 
>       new way to build encryption into software and 
>       technology that could enable U.S. companies to export 
>       products with strong encryption algorithms. IBM also 
>       will introduce several "key-recovery" technologies 
>       that could enable businesses to satisfy the 
>       requirement imposed by the U.S. government that it be 
>       able to access encrypted data on demand.

Aparently, Al Gore's recent phone calls to everybody who is anybody in the 
industry have paid off. After HP, TIS, and other unnamed parties, now IBM 
is supporting GAK. Folks, this battle is lost. Domestic GAK is coming to 
a PKI near you.