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   9-15-96. PcWe: 
   "IBM Boosts Encryption Initiative " 
      IBM security initiatives next month will include a 
      new way to build encryption into software and 
      technology that could enable U.S. companies to export 
      products with strong encryption algorithms. IBM also 
      will introduce several "key-recovery" technologies 
      that could enable businesses to satisfy the 
      requirement imposed by the U.S. government that it be 
      able to access encrypted data on demand. IBM is 
      attempting to garner industry support for the new 
      key-recovery technology and is expected to license the 
      technology to Netscape and Sun. 
   9-13-96. BuWi: 
   "Revolutionary Intranet security product to be 
   demonstrated at Interop DotCom " 
      DSN's NetFortress fully automates hardware-based 
      authentication, encryption and key exchange into a 
      plug and play solution. It completely eliminates the 
      possibility of IP spoofing, eavesdropping and 
      break-ins. "After installing it, I couldn't even tell 
      which service a given packet was from - everything but 
      the packet header itself was rendered undecipherable 
      as it traversed the Internet." DSN Technology was 
      founded by Dr. Aharon Friedman and Andy Savas. 
   http://jya.com/ibmgak.txt  (6 kb for 2)