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Re: 56 kbps modems

On Mon, 16 Sep 1996 [email protected] wrote:

> well here in Australia Telstra our national carrier only "garantees" 
> 2400 baud to work. I live within 2km of the exchange and the best I 
> have ever achieved was 22k/sec over the lines (usually about 18k). 
> This is not what the modem tells you it is doing....but what you get 
> as a result of testing the ACTUAL modem speed using a line analizer 
> program. What a modem manufacturer says you get and what the line 
> gives you are Totaly separate.

Seriously, how may of the 28.8 modem users get connections at 28.8? 
Twenty percent? Fifty percent? Today's modems are already faster than 
most analog lines can support. More likely than not, a 56k modem won't 
link up at 56k. If you want speed, use the clean solution. Get ISDN.

[And don't buy the Motorola BitSurfer PRO. It won't work with two line
phones. The sound is so bad, you can't use the POTS you pull out for
business.  Motorola: "We are aware of the problem". Well, they have been
aware of it since at least February.]

But for data, home ISDN is the way to go.