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Re: Workers Paradise. /Political rant.

In <[email protected]>, on 09/16/96 
   at 07:37 AM, [email protected] (Anonymous) said:

= .Tim May wrote:

= .> The thing about _traditional_ charity, of the religious or community sort,
= .> was that it was not treated as an "entitlement," as something the resentful
= .> masses could "demand" as part of their "human rights."

= .   There's no substantial difference between their resentful whining about
= .their rights and your resentful whining about your rights - except maybe
= .that you whine more.

        that is worse than a cheap shot...  like a man low enough to 
    shoot another while he's taking a crap.

        I'm not whining about it my rights any more than Tim is 
    whining about his.  One of the principals of the American 
    Revolution was NO TAXATION WITHOUT REPRESENTATION. When our     
    government takes my money and creates a new class which "votes"
    to require me to pay for them; they are a vested interest voting
    only for their own gain without my consent.

        human rights are supposedly universal.  however, since when 
    has an entitlement been considered a "human right?"

        are you playing the part of the bleeding knee-jerk welfare 
    advocate?  The type: "I'm willing to give mine, (but I cheat on 
    my taxes) --just make sure you let the Feds extort their welfare 
    system from _your_ profits.

        The welfare system is not only broken and bankrupt, it is a 

        charity is man's _benevolence_  and, there is nothing in the
    scriptures which says the lazy and resentful are _entitled_ to
    my support.  

        I tithe, and tithe faithfully; and contribute a fast offering 
    every month for the ward bishop's fund.  as in says in the 
    scriptures, he who faithfully tithes shall receive it tenfold.
    we take care of our own community, and we don't collect welfare.

        it works.

        and for the paid hypocritics who pass the basket every Sunday
    and scream about the poor --they dont give, they want you to give.